The Pre-Vet Team Volunteer in Rural Townships
April 21, 2016
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The Other Half – Reflections on an Extraordinary Volunteer Experience in South Africa
April 25, 2016
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The African Pre-Vet Experience


Our awesome Pre-Vet team have written their first vlog! Check out what they’ve been up to over the past few weeks:

Hi everyone

We are the pre-vet team on VA32’s African pre-vet program and we’re very excited to be on this blog! Here are a few of the best things we’ve done so far…

Game capture – working with African Wildlife

Kira and Morgan loved capturing impala on a huge golf course, we ran around a lot that day but it was amazing hands on experience and a lot of fun! Maggie’s favourite capture was a six month old giraffe; they’re really tricky to sedate and transport but it went off without a hitch!

Farm work – working with Agricultural Animals

Alex, one of our qualified vets, really enjoyed showing the students how to pregnancy test cows. It was awesome to be able to feel the difference between a 3 month placentae and an 8 month old foetus and the farmers really appreciated all the information we could give them!

Outreach – working with African Domestic Animals in townships

We’ve been working in the Chintsa village a lot in the last few months and this was definitely Delphine’s favourite part of the program- she loved playing with the kids and teaching them how to handle and treat all of the animals appropriately. Dipping the dogs (for the prevention of tick-borne diseases) is wet work but it’s all worth it when we see real improvement in the health of the animal. And nobody complains when someone brings us a bucket full of puppies to powder!

That’s just a taste of what we’ve been doing here on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, we hope to keep you up to date on all of our crazy animal adventures!


Team Vet ”

A huge thanks to the team for sharing their experiences and some awesome photos – can’t wait to read the next Pre-vet Vlog 🙂

To find out more about the African Pre-Vet Experience here!